by Julie Paulk

With ALL thine heart  Prov 3:5
With ALL thine heart Prov 3:5

Today we are pondering the well known verse: “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding” ~ Prov 3:5

The leading question is what does our own understanding tell us? Our own understanding usually tells us less than lovely things such as “The economy is down and we can’t pay all the bills right now” or “I don’t feel well, maybe the healing is never going to come.”

We turn to our own understanding for everything in our lives, and more often than not, the result is less than beautiful.

There are thousands of words of wisdom in the Bible. We can read them day in and day out and still not know how to fully put them to use.

One such example is today’s though “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” It is a well known verse yet do we really grasp how to accomplish it?

This isn’t something that can be fully answered at one sitting, but it can be explored day by day with the hope of becoming more fully and naturally reliant and trusting in the Lord.

The four little words “with all thine heart” are far from being small words. “All” is bigger than anyone can actually grasp. If we are trusting the Lord with even a fraction of our heart, incredible things will be happening. Imagine learning to eventually trust with ALL – every ounce of your being! That would leave no room at all for fear to sneak in.

Today, lets make a conscious effort to see where we are actually putting our trust. What or who have we been relying on?

Each time we realize there is someone or something else we are putting our faith in, that’s the perfect time for an “AHA!” moment and switch our faith away from its current source and toward the “One.”

I would love to hear about your “AHA” moments this week of discovering things you have been trusting other than God and what happened once you turned your trust to him and away from your own understanding.

We can’t stop trusting other things until we realize all the other things we have actually been trusting and relying on. What an exciting journey to learn to Trust 24/7!


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  1. There was a job that I had been trying to get for 10 years working with substance abuse adolescents. I sent in resumes, phoned, had others to put in a meaningful word or two and nothing happened. Someone gave me the book, Power of a Praying Parent. I tead the book daily and prayed more than I have ever in my life and also prayed for this position. I was giving a call 2 weeks after brgining my praying and was asked to come in for an interview and was given. the position. The director said they have needed me for 10 years. Lol “AH

    1. That is awesome. I love the book “Power of a Praying Parent” Glad to hear you are able to help adolescents in need.

    2. Thank you for your thoughts, Tony. Good job on praying and getting a job where they had been needing you for so long! God is good!

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