love dare for parents day 4The Love Dare for Parents Day 4

Today’s dare: Communicate to your children today that they are a treasure to you. Say in your own words, “You are a priceless gift to me, and I am grateful that you are in my life.” Then thank God for them and for the chance He has given you to daily love and value them.

From the book:

So regardless of how old your children are, dare to set your eyes and heart back upon them. To prize them. To follow the example of Jesus, welcoming them into your arms and lovingly blessing them and their future lives (Mark 10:16)

As deeply loved by God.

As deeply loved by you.

Are they lots of work? Yes. Do they continually cost us money? Yes. Can they rebel and be sources of great stress? Yes. But are they irreplaceable and priceless beyond measure? Are they worth the investment of your life, your love, your time, and your attention? Absolutely, a million times over.

They are wrapped by divine hands and presented in love. They are the fruit of your life and God’s living reward.

We must always remember how very loved by God we are and our children are and everyone on this planet is. As the book says, children are a lot of work, cost us lots of money, rebel and can be sources of great stress. Some children start this at younger ages than others. Some children do not cause as much stress as other children. Either way, they still deserve every ounce of our life, love, time and attention.

God purposely chose us to be parents to our children. They are a gift straight from our heavenly Father-Mother Love.

Our children are loved by God more than we could ever understand. Divine Love sees our children as perfect, complete ideas, created in the image and likeness of divine Love. It is our job as parents to do our best to see our children the way God sees them.

When we tend to view our children as disobedient or frustrating, God is viewing them through the eyes of purity. God knows every good thing about them and sees their true spiritual nature. The more we pause and think about how God sees our children, the more we will begin to see them correctly.

Today’s dare is an important one, especially if words of affirmation are one of your childs’ main love languages. Let your little one (or big one) know how much they mean to you. They need to hear it.

If you are wishing you could hear that from your own parent right now, close your eyes and picture your heavenly Father-Mother Love telling you all the things you need to hear from your parent. The truth is, God is thinking those things about you every moment of every day.

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