Relax on the Beach – Any Time

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Relax on the Beach – Any Time

God Moments

Right now I’m sitting on the balcony of our condo. Waves crash – gently.

Occasional screams can be heard from children having fun.

People throwing a football while standing waist deep in the gulf.

Birds fly by. Then they land to grab food from the sand.

Beach ThoughtsColorful beach umbrellas are scattered along the shore, providing protection from the hot sun.

Why do I bother mentioning all this? Because. Because right now, I am in the moment. I’m seeing gifts from God all around.

I live in a suburb of Atlnta. Rushing and stress seem to often take over people. But here at the beach, laughter, relaxation and fun are what I see.

The two locations are as different as night and day.

What if we learn to take our stressed, rushed, busy lives and find a way to be more relaxed and free? It would be amazing to just move to the beach and be on vacation for ever, but that time will come once our time on Earth is complete.

Until then, it is critical to learn how to find beach moments in our daily lives. 

At the beach, the rest of the world seems to disappear thanks to:

  • The distinct smell of salty air.
  • Sand between your toes.
  • The relaxing sound of the waves.
  • Endless view of water.
  • Less to do.
  • Time to relax.
  • Watching birds enjoy their life at the beach.
  • Seeing dolphins play.

Perhaps at the beach, people are more In the Moment. At home we are often focused on the chores waiting for us. Grass that needs to be mowed. Children that need our attention. Finding a way to pay the bills.

With work we often focus on deadlines, goals, competitors, and succeeding.

Living a life without taking time to be in the moment makes us end up drowing. No, not drowning literally. But figuratively drowning in our despair.

Right now I see a dad building sandcastles with his toddler. He looks like he’s enjoying it more than she is! Adults sometimes need to let loose and let thier inner child come out. This dad has done just that.

I want to take the beach home with me. I want this beach experiece as often as possible.

Be in  the Moment

One of my favorite things about the beach is the wind blowing as you walk along the shore. To mimick that, my husband bought us an industrial fan to put by our pool at home. That way, when we sit outside, we turn on the fan and it feels like we are sitting at the beach. Sometimes I close my eyes and just picture sitting on the shore with the nice wind blowing.

It really does make the rest of our lives disappear when we are totally in the moment.

Doesn’t God want us to be in the moment with him? Isn’t he waiting for us every single day to be in the moment talking with him? Thanking him? Smiling because of him?

Psalm 118:24 says “This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”


1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, NIV Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

It’s easy to give thanks for the time at the beach. But we are told to give thanks in All circumstances. That’s a post for another day. But what I will say right now is that I am thankful for the lessons each situaiton brings. Each day brings. Each hardship brings. Each joy brings.

When we are at the beach, we finally give ourselves permission to relax. Let’s learn to relax part of each day, no matter where we are! The Bible speaks to rest. It is clear that we are to have a day of rest once a week. An entire day! Every week! (That’s also another post for another day).

Go. Enjoy your beach moments. Thank God for the little sounds, smells, sights and experiences.

"To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings." ~ Mary Baker Eddy #blessings #quote