April 2017 Paris ShootingIt’s in the news again… Reports of another shooting in Paris.  ISIS claimed responsibility for this April Paris Shooting.

Our first reactions:

Not again!

That poor police officer!

Will ISIS ever stop?

Then we may wonder if there is anything we can do about it.

For the majority of us, we are far from the action. Even if we were right there in Paris, we wouldn’t be able to physically do anything to stop ISIS. We wouldn’t have been able to protect the police officer. We wouldn’t have been able to keep the days leading to the election safe.

7.5 billion! That’s the current number of people on this planet. 

If even a tiny fraction of the 7.5 billion people made a pact to pray about the world issues on a regular basis, we may see some serious change. Fortunately, many people do pray for the world regularly.

One of the most influential women of her day, Mary Baker Eddy requested all the members of her church to pray daily for a war going on at the time. 

“I request that every member of The Mother Church in Boston pray each day for the amicable settlement of the war between Russia and Japan; and that God bless that great nation, and those Islands of the sea, with peace and prosperity.”

Although this was written in 1905, it still applies today. Christian Scientists around the globe actively pray for the world. Mary Baker Eddy knew the difference prayer can make. She didn’t simply pray for the war to end. She prayed for an “amicable settlement of the war between Russia and Japan.” Then she encouraged her church members to also pray for God to bless Russia and Japan with “peace and prosperity.”

Mary Baker Eddy didnt’ seem to be taking sides. She was focused on the good of all. Isn’t that was Jesus was about?

Today, as we pray for the election in Paris, we can ask God to bless France with peace and prosperity. Bless France with good, honest leaders. Bless France with a loving and calm environment.

We also pray for the family of the officer killed in action. He has forever been wrapped in the arms of divine Love. We pray for the two other officers who were reportedly seriously wounded. We pray that they feel the presence of God with them. We also pray for a speedy recovery of the officers as well as the tourist who was also injured.

This leads to another point of fear that is rising across the globe. Saving money to be able to travel, only to end up hurt or killed while on vacation. We pray for all those traveling today to be at peace. We pray for their safety and the safety of everyone around them.

I’d love to hear how you are prayerfully supporting the world. Please share below!


photo credit: The Christian Science Monitor

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