What if you learned a secret tool that could enhance your day, every day? What if the struggles you are facing didn’t have to take over your thoughts and your life? I’m going to talk about morning prayers and why they make a difference.

I’ve been through enough trauma in my life to know what it’s like when our circumstances and our life situations take over our existence and turn our world upside down.

I know first hand what life feels like when the hurting is so overwhelming that you can barely get a decent breath out. Fortunately, I also know what life feels like when the pain is replaced by an overwhelming peace and calm, even though the situation hasn’t changed.

Start your day in prayer
Start your day in prayer

We have all been hurt. Nearly everyone has lost a loved one, ended a relationship, had family arguments, dealt with less than enjoyable jobs and lived with financial difficulties.  Any one of these problems can cause extensive stress, leading to physical and mental problems.

If you are like the majority of people, you know what it feels like to be so overwhelmed with your current circumstances that you don’t particularly have a desire to wake up the next day. It’s not that you are wanting to die. It’s just that living doesn’t seem worth the pain. Your heart is so heavy that the darkness of your situation blocks out the light of God. We tend to get stuck in that darkness without a flashlight to guide us through to the other side.

I know this. I’ve experienced this. For a long time.  And it hurt… A lot.

I will not go into the details of my situation, but suffice it to say it left me with more emotional pain than I knew even existed. That’s not an exaggeration. It was very dark there. I did seek help and was diagnosed by three different doctors with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Clinical Depression as a result of what I had gone through.

All three doctors said I needed to turn to prayer. They knew I believed in God and trusted God.  They prescribed something to help but said my best best was to pray.

First of all, I found it interesting that three different doctors believed so strongly in the power of prayer. Secondly, I was grateful they saw it could be more beneficial than medication. I did take the medication for a while, but it caused seizures and I threw it away.  The prayer, however, didn’t fail me.

No, I wasn’t healed right away. You see, dark thoughts will try to take over every single day. We have to make a conscious choice over and over again to refocus our thoughts. There is always a choice of what we are going to listen to, what we are going to do, what we will eat, who we will hang out with. I have found it is imperative to watch what we think.

But… I am someone who can’t just hear someone say “Change your thinking” and instantly my thinking changes and everything is better.  No way.  I have to have specific details as to How.  If I need to change my thinking, I need to know what to replace the negative thoughts with.

That’s where morning prayers come into play. I’ve found over and over that when I choose to start my day in prayer, my thoughts tend to stay positive all day.  When I don’t start my day in prayer, the devil has a foothold to sneak in when ever he wants. I need the protection of prayer. Everyone around me needs me to start my day in prayer. Of course, they don’t know it’s the morning time with God that makes me peaceful and positive.

Start your morning in prayer
Start your morning in prayer

Here again, if you are like me, you can’t just have someone say you need to pray every morning and everything will be fine. You need to know how to do it or what to pray or what to study. There is no one right answer. For me, it’s about taking the time to re-align my thoughts each morning with the divine.

I usually start by listening to my Joel Osteen app on my phone as I fix my hair in the mornings. His messages are, more often than not, about changing your thinking. For me, it’s my morning reminder of the importance of changing your thought, guarding your thought and kicking the ugly thoughts out.

By the time I finish his 30 minute sermons, I’m more alert to do my other prayers and studies. It’s important every day to learn more about God and who we are as His child.  Mary Baker Eddy does a thorough job of explaining more about God and our identity as His child. The more secure we are in our relationship with our Father, the less impact we put on our human relationships. When our world revolves around our worldly relationships, our day can change in an instant if one of those relationships goes sour. If we quarrel with a sibling, have a misunderstanding with a parent, or get frustrated with a spouse, our day  can feel quite ruined.

The more I am secure in my relationship with my heavenly Father/Mother, the less I seem to be affected by what those around me say or do. My reactions are less dramatic. My patience is longer. My tears are fewer.

On the days my morning prayers don’t happen, I often find myself studying and praying at the end of the day and wishing I had done it in the morning. The day gets away from me, life happens and without my morning prayer time to re-align my thoughts, the things of the world rock me to the core more often than they should.

So, with several years of neglecting my sacred morning prayer time and then a couple years of getting back to it, I can attest to the tremendous power of spending time alone with the Lord each morning. That time is a gift, not only to you, but to those around you as well.

Happy praying!

I would love to hear from you about different things you study during your prayer time.

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