Love Dare For Parents Day 9

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Love Dare For Parents Day 9

Love Dare for parents day 9

The Love Dare For Parents – Day 9: Love Cherishes

Day 9 dare: How could you warm the life and heart of your children today? Take advantage of a current opportunity to give them an unexpected, tender touch. Choose an appropriate gesture that says, “I cherish you,” and do it with sincerity.

What was their response to your affection? Is this something you need to do more often? (Questions from The Love Dare For Parents, page 44.)

For any parents who don’t get to see their children on a daily basis, this dare might not be possible for you today. Keep it in store for the next time you are with your children.

One idea is to find a hug gif and text it to them so they get the gist that you want to give them a hug right now.

Children need tender, appropriate physical touch to thrive.  Each child has a different level of desire for physical touch. Maybe your child is a snuggle bug and cuddles with you endlessly. On the other hand, your teenanger might not want to give hugs at all anymore.

You’ll know the best way to let your children know you cherish them. Find a gentle way to give them an unexpected hug or tender touch today.

"To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings." ~ Mary Baker Eddy #blessings #quote