Love Dare For Parents Day 6

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Love Dare For Parents Day 6

The Love Dare For Parents Day 6

love dare for parents day 6Today’s Dare: Take some time in prayer to identify and push aside any hurdles of selfishness in your own life that may be keeping you from loving your children more effectively. Then purpose to dedicate your children to the Lord as a gift back to Him.


From The Love Dare For Parents page 28:

You, too, are a steward of the children God has entrusted to you. As a steward, you resolve to take full responsibility for their nuture, training, and care – to dedicate them to the Lord and to purpose in your heart to raise them with God’s help and grace. You must refuse to let your selfishness get in the way of what God has called you to do. Otherwise, you will tend to treat them as an irritation, worry about them like another posession, or worship them as an idol.



"To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings." ~ Mary Baker Eddy #blessings #quote