The Love Dare For Parents Day 5

Love Dare for parents day 5Day 5 Challenge: Thank God for how he designed your children, and then discern if each one responds best to physical affection, verbal affirmation, spending quality time together, giving a gift or serving a need of theirs. If you know their preferred way to give and receive love, take a few moments to communicate love to them that way before the day ends.

The book The Love Dare For Parents says on page 21:

Every child is a one of a kind mini-masterpiece.

The more we see our children as a true masterpiece from God, the more we appreciate the unique things about them.

Today’s love dare gets us to find out what our children’s love language is and tells us to love them in that way today. Once you truly know the love language your children prefer, it makes it much easier to make them feel loved. If your childs main love language is quality time and you rarely spend time with them, but give them gifts instead, they aren’t going to deeply feel your love for them. Even though you are loving them by sending gifts, they need to have quality time with you to truly feel loved.

This holds true for our significant other, our parents, our friends, everyone. We each have a main love language. All our relationships would improve if we spoke the main love language the other person needs most.

From page 23:

Let your kindness also uncover how your children best communicate and receive love. Each one should be loved the same amount, but not in the same way. One may most desire your physical affection, while another primarily needs your focused time. See if your son or daughter is energized more when praised, served, or receiving a gift of some kind. As you discover what helps them feel the most fulfilled, you can then strategiclly focus your attention and energy more effectively with each one when you are with them.

I definitely saw a difference with my children several years ago once I figured out their unique love languages.  They have different love languages from one another. It’s important for me to show them love in the way they need to receive it. They respond differently as soon as I’m speaking their main love language.

I have definitely noticed when I’m loving them with a love language that’s not the one they speak, they get a bit annoyed (one of my children in particular). When that happens, I just have to remind myself that their love language is different than mine and I need to be more focused on meeting their individual love needs.

Enjoy doing the challenge for The Love Dare For Parents day 5.

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