Love Dare for parents day 20

The Love Dare For Parents Day 20: Love Takes Time

Today we will be focusing on The Love Dare For Parents Day 20. This chapter discusses the importance of making sure we don’t end up too busy to spend time with our children.

Today’s Dare: Turn off the television and internet tonight and spend some focused quality time with your children. Talk, listen, and play with them.

Today’s questions (from page 99): What did you choose to do and how did your family repond?

This is one of those dares that is almost impossible for parents to do today if they do not live with or near their children. Perhaps they are grown or they are currently with their other parent. If you aren’t physically with your children today, note this dare down and do it the next time you are with your children. Be creative today if possible, and seek quality time with your children via video chat if they don’t live in your house.

If you do live with your children, enjoy the lasting impression tonight will have on your children. Sure, they may fuss about the TV and internet being off. Think of something fun to do together, like playing a card game or board game.  What ever it is, your children will see you giving quality time to them.

“We can make impressive statements about what matters most to us, but our use of time will make the loudest and most accurate statement of all.” (The Love Dare For Parents, page 98)

“We are the ones who need to step in and press pause. Because love takes time. Precious, priceless time. It is th eperpetual passing of our lives. It never waits and never returns. Every act of love requires it. To waste time is to waste a portion of life and another opportunity to love.

Scripture commands parents to prioritize time with their children. It is one of our most important responsibilities.” (The Love Dare For Parents, page 97)

While growing up, my parents placed a huge priority on family time on Sundays. We knew, come rain or shine, we would be having a family day every Sunday. My dad was busy and ususally worked close to 80 hours per week. Sundays were sacred to us because it allowed quality time with him. My most fond childhood memories took place on Sundays.

“To choose  our families over the busyness of the world is to choose the good part – the part that can never be “taken away.” Love dares you to wield the powerful word “No” and use it liberally on things that will keep you from doing this.” (The Love Dare For Parents, page 98)

Enjoy today’s dare. Make family time a regular priority. If it used to be a priority and isn’t anymore, simply start again.

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