love dare for Parents day 2The Love Dare for Parents – Day 2 – Love is Patient

Today’s dare: Write the words “Love Is Patient” on a piece of paper and temporarily tape it to your mirror or refrigerator. When you see it over the next few weeks, purpose to display patience throughout the day as a further demonstration of your love to your children.

Here’s a quote from The Love Dare For Parents:


Children have an amazing ability to test the level of their parents’ patience by their tone, disobedience, irresponsibility, or any lack of respect. Sometimes parents can feel so angry, they say or do things in the heat of emotion that damage young hearts and minds. The impact can leave a deep and lasting emotional scar for many years to come.

If you are a parent, your patience has surely been tested on many occasions.  It’s our response that matters the most.

Do your children see you as an angry, frustrated parent? Or would they describe you as compassionate and patient instead? Love chooses restraint. It controls your emotions rather than letting them control you. It challenges you to develop a long fuse instead of igniting a short temper.

As parents, we must insist on letting Love calm us down instead of us tearing down out children.

It’s not always easy being patient. When we see our children doing something we don’t like, sometimes our reaction can be less than loving. Some parents get into cycles of saying things to their children they end up regretting later.

Have you ever watched Dr. Phil on TV? It is downright shocking how toxic some parent / child relationships can be. Unfortunately, these toxic relationships can last for decades.

Parents usually learn how to be parents by the less than perfect example of their own parents. But what if there was a better example for us to follow?

Christ Jesus came to show us who our true Mother and Father are. He spent three decades on earth teaching and showing us what genuine love and care look like. We don’t have to be stuck looking at the human example of parenting and all the discord that often comes with it.

On day two, as we begin to focus more on patience, it may be helpful to research the ways Jesus taught us about patience. The more we follow his heavenly example, the better parents we will become.

Enjoy doing The Love Dare for Parents Day 2.

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