love dare for parents day 19

The Love Dare For Parents Day 19 – Love Protects

Today we will be talking about the Love Dare For Parents Day 19. Today’s dare guides us through the importance of setting guidelines and boundaries for our children.

Day 19 Dare:

Talk with your spouse about setting the appropriate boundaries for your children regarding access to the internet, television, movies, and phone use. Prayerfully draw up guidelines for what kinds of activities are allowable with their friends. Before you present your decisions to them, pray for discernment and for the Lord to work in both your and your children’s hearts.

Day 19 questions (from The Love Dare For Parents, page 94):

What did you decide? Did new areas come up as you prayed? How did your children respond?

Love watches out. It has their back. It can say “No!” even in the face of outrage. And it is willing to be the bad guy in order to be a good parent.

That’s because you’re not only protecting your kids from getting into trouble; you’re protecting their long-term freedom and opportunities. The same love that doesn’t turn them loose to wander the city on Friday night is also helping to keep their testimony and reputation clean. The same love that keeps the computer in a central room is also offering a life more free from endless distractions or unbridled addictions. (The Love Dare For Parents, page 92)

I have to admit, my parents did a great job at making sure we were spiritually equipped to make good choices. (It doesn’t mean we never made mistakes or bad decisions, but we were able to say no to a lot of the peer pressure our friends were being sucked in to).  Our parents said “No!” plenty of times when we wished they would say yes. But each “no” was a protection.

Today’s parents want to be more of a friend to their children than deal with the family drama that comes with standing firm and saying no. Some parents just want to keep the peace and end up letting their children have free reign way too young. However, we have a God-ordained job to do. “The Bible reminds us that we have been commissioned by God to keep watch over our children’s souls and that we will give an account to Him one day of how we handled this responsibility (Hebrews 13:17).” (The Love Dare For Parents, page 92)

Today’s dare might not be easy. Perhaps you and your spouse don’t agree on boundaries for the children. Ask God to help you be patient as you work together to come up with a clear plan going forward.

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