love dare for parents day 18The Love Dare For Parents Day 18: Love Models The Way

Today is all about The Love Dare For Parents Day 18. It goes into detail about modeling love by letting your children see you being loving and kind to your spouse (or ex if you are divorced from their other parent).

Day 18 Dare:

Ask God to give you a greater love and respect for your spouse (or your child’s other parent). Share something encouraging and positive today about them to your children. If you have been running them down around your kids, ask your children to forgive you.

Questions for day 18 Dare (page 89):

What did you say to your children? How did they respond?

Learning to make sure your children are seeing you uplift their other parent isn’t doesn’t always come easily. It can be especially difficult in contentious situations. However, the more you practice holding your tongue, the better things will be for everyone.

I grew up with one parent who refused to say something bad about the other parent. My other parent was the complete opposite. As with most people, there were plenty of things they could have each said about the other, but one of them continuously chose to hold their tongue. As children, my siblings and I watched the example both parents set fourth and had infinitely more respect for our parent who refused to say bad things about the other.

No matter what your spouse or ex-spouse has done, your forgiveness can disarm much of the damage and keep it from raining down on your children’s heads and into their hearts. And regardless of what you’ve done, you can determine to change and model kindness again. Be patient if things take longer to resolve than you think they should. But as best as you can, and with God’s help, prayerfully raise your respect and love level for the other parent. You will be doing one of the most loving things your kids could ever hope for. (The Love Dare For Parents, page 88)

Enjoy doing today’s dare. It will help uplift your heart. It will help build a bridges that perhaps have been damaged or burned down. Our children deserve to hear us uplift their other parent as often as possible, even when it’s difficult to do so.

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