Love Dare for parents day 16Love Dare For Parents Day 16 – Love Respects God

Day 16 Dare:

Ask your children to read Psalm 139 with you. Then ask what they learned about where God is and what He knows about each of us. Explain how God created them, loves them, always sees them, and will judge them one day for how they lived their lives. Finish by praying verses 23-24 together.

Day 16 questions:

How did your chidlren receive this truth? What did they say about these verses you read? How can this Scripture make a difference in the way they think and the way you parent?

Today is the Love Dare For Parents Day 16.

Quote from The Love Dare For Parents:

We teach our children to be careful to avoid oncoming traffic, poisonous snakes, and the shocking combination of an electrical outlet with a butter knife. But there is one appropriate fear that will not only protect them but actually bring honor and blessing into their lives.

It is the reverent fear of God.

Did you know that parents are commanded to teach their children to fear God so they can live better and longer lives? (Deut 6:1-13). A healthy fear of the Lord is the foundational key that enables our children to think more wisely, speak more honorably, and live in a way that’s more pleasing to God. (The Love Dare For Parents, pg 76)

What does it mean to fear God?  I used to ask that question to my parents when I was a young girl. It made no sense to be afraid of God. But, fearing God does not mean being afraid of God.

The fear of the Lord is a deep respect for the One who is all-powerful and completely holy. It is not a cause to flee from God, but rather a greater reason to run to Him and fall on our knees before Him. (The Love Dare For Parents, pg 76)

Today’s dare about studying Psalm 139 together is an important one. I was very blessed to be raised in a home where we went to church every Sunday and Wednesday. But, not only did we attend church twice a week, we studied a weekly Bible Lesson¬†together and individually. My dad would talk with us about what we were learning in the Bible Lesson and try to answer our questions and help us dive deeper.

As we help our children learn to respect God and turn to God, we help them on their spiritual journey. This will enable them to become better citizens. With a deep love for God, they will have more love and respect for you and for their fellow mankind.

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