love dare for parents day 14

Love Dare For Parents Day  14

Day 14 dare:

Look and listen for opportunities to demonstrate compassion to your children and help lighten their load in areas where it may be too heavy. Ask if you could pray for them about an issue they’ve recently shared.

Today’s questions (from page 69)

What opportunities did you find to show compassion? What was the result?

When people are hurting, they thirst for drops of mercy from any source and will run toward anyone who will share some compassion. As a parent, your compassion lovingly shouts, “I care!” when your children are convinced that nobody does. And that’s why it’s such a vitally important, God-given trait to exhibit. ~ The Love Dare For Parents, page 66

I feel extremely blessed to have been able to grow up next door to my grandmother and in the same town as my Aunt. I saw my grandmother daily and spent time with my aunt at least twice a week.  Both women were a constant source of compassion as I was dealing with personal struggles as a little girl.

They continued their compassion as I grew into adulthood. The gentle way they treated me and the way they were always there for me when I was hurting has made a lasting impact on my life.

I see the importance compassion from a parent (or lack thereof) plays on a child. What I didn’t get at home from one of my parents, God provided to me through these two amazing women.

Enjoy The Love Dare For Parents – Day 14!






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