love dare for parents day 13

Love Dare For Parents Day 13 – Love Disciplines

Day 13 Dare: Pray through the methods you use for discipline. Are they effective? Do they contain both the correction of behavior as well as an appeal to the conscience? Purpose to use direct but fair discipline in the future, and make efforts to balance your actions with the goal of honoring the Lord.

Today’s questions (from page 63 in The Love Dare For Parents – Day 13):

What changes, if any, could you make to ensure that you are disciplining your children with both nurture and admonition?

“When our children misbehave, we do them no favors by ignoring or glossing over it. Love compels us to wisely discipline. This is one way God expresses love to His children.” ~ The Love Dare For Parents, page 61.

I’ll have to admit that as a parent, we go through phases of expecting our children to be disciplined and well behaved and then phases where we just don’t want the drama that seems to come with disciplining our children.

I grew up in a household where the discipline was swift and strict. I hated it at the time, but appreciated it later. I had one parent who we could tell was disciplining us out of love and the other parent who seemed to be disciplining us out of irritation and anger on a very regular basis.

“Yes, discipline must be balanced out with patience, grace, and mercy. You should always guard your children’s hearts and explain your decisions lovingly, clearly, and fairly, knowing that kids can sour if you’re operating out of uncontrolled anger or if the consequence is out of balance with the crime.” ~ The Love Dare For Parents, page 63.

Fortunately, in this day and age, there are countless resources available to parents about raising children. The internet can give us tips and suggestions on how to peacefully discipline your kids. The library is an excellent resource for checking out parenting books.

We were all born with a desire for knowledge. Parenting is no different. There are no reasons any more to not have access to books and materials on parenting. My children are teens right now and I’m reading a book a raising a teen daughter.

Many parents read books on babies, but don’t read parenting books beyond that. Use The Love Dare For Parents Day 13 to encourage you to seek out books, forums, and mentors on parenting.

Today’s dare is an important one and can help alter the parent-child relationship going forward. Enjoy today’s dare!


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