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Love Your Enemies
Love Mary Baker Eddy prayer Spiritual Strength

Offended? Stop Reacting and Start Loving

Who hasn’t been in a situation where they were offended?  Sometimes individuals can do things that are beyond hurtful.  As humans, we react.  But as God’s children, perhaps there is another alternative. I absolutely love what Mary Baker Eddy says in her article entitled “Taking Offense” “Nothing short of our own errors should offend us.  …

healing the past Spiritual Strength

You are Not Your Past

Image by via Flickr We are not our past. End of story.  🙂 Each one of us has probably endured situations that were life-changing and seemingly earth shattering.  And, we each had a choice on how to handle those situations. At first, we may feel anger, fear, frustration, hurt, physical pain, grief, depression, etc. …