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love dare for Parents day 2
Love Dare for Parents Parenting

The Love Dare for Parents Day 2

The Love Dare for Parents – Day 2 – Love is Patient Today’s dare: Write the words “Love Is Patient” on a piece of paper and temporarily tape it to your mirror or refrigerator. When you see it over the next few weeks, purpose to display patience throughout the day as a further demonstration of …

Prayer for Mother's Day
Marriage Parenting

Prayer for Mother’s Day Peace

This Mother’s day, let’s help create a new future. I’ve seen too many biological parents get treated like dirt for way too long. It’s a heartbreaking result of divorce and remarriage in our society. When people remarry and become a blended family, it can be a very beautiful thing. When the new spouse comes in …

parenting with peace

Parenting With Peace

Have you ever had a day with your children that was filled with bickering and constant quarrels? If you are a parent and have more than one child, the answer is a resounding yes. However, those days can be over!   You don’t believe me?  You only wish it was true? As children of God, …