The following is part of an ongoing study of “A Course in Miracles”

Spiritual Truths from Ch 29, section 1 of A Course In Miracles:

  • A gap is not possible and can’t even be conceived of in God’s Wholeness
  • It is impossible for even the tiniest gap to exist
  • A gap does not exist
  • God can never be absent in any time or place or state
  • There is nothing to be feared
  • Love does not ask a sacrifice
  • The body is not real
  • God is Love
  • All there is is peace eternal
  • We can not be lost by being found

False beliefs from Ch 29, section 1: 

  • We believe a gap exists
  • We believe God can attack
  • We believe God’s love is deceptive
  • We believe God can hate
  • We believe God’s patience can fail
  • We believe we can not trust God
  • We believe we need to leave a gap so we can escape from God
  • We fear God
  • We hate 
  • We are afraid to love
  • We are afraid of God
  • We think love is fearful
  • We think hate is love
  • We think the gap is our salvation
  • We think the gap is our hope
  • We believe the way to light is dark, fearful, perilous and bleak
  • We believe our brother is our enemy
  • We believe the gap protects us from the “sacrifice” of love
  • We believe the body saves us by letting us separate ourselves
  • We believe a body has power
  • We do not know what loving means
  • We misuse every circumstance
  • We misuse everyone we meet
  • We maintain hate by fearing love
  • We believe love comes and goes
  • We believe love offers no stability
  • We frequently demand love go away and leave us alone
  • We allow the body to say “no” to Heaven’s calling

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